Visit Archipelago

One of our many projects. We have chosen a few of our projects to showcase on this website. Our members are also doing personal projects and those can be found on our social media accounts.


Marketing Videos





Exploring the coastline of Finland.

We were very happy when we received an email from Metsähallitus in which they asked us to be a part of the Visit Finland project, more specifically the municipalities of the archipelago. We were given the task to create videos that highlight the attractions and things to experience of each municipality. we felt like this project suited us perfectly since two of OneTakes members have grown up in the archipelago and it felt natural for us to make films in our beautiful nature.


We plan and film each video separately. We have been given the task to create videos about the municipalities of Pargas. in addition to these videos we have also been working with the area of Salo and Kemiö, producing marketing materials for them as part of the Coastal Bootcamp project.

Challenges in this project.

There is much you can do and visit in each municipality, so the challenge for us was to show as much as possible in the videos limited timeframe. We solved this by carefully planning and scripting each video. We would say the planning itself took longer than actually shooting the video.

  • Created carefully written scripts for each video
  • Filmed and edited the videos
  • Explored the archiepelago
  • Made new contacts.

Both OneTake Productions, Metsähallitus the partners in the Visit Archipelago project have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.