One of our many projects. We have chosen a few of our projects to showcase on this website. Our members are also doing personal projects and those can be found on our social media accounts.






Tutors Oy

Creating a stunning website.

Tutors is a company that offers services like virtual trips, e-books and courses. We were given the task to design their new website and also think about the texts and terms that were going to be used on the website itself. This project turned out to be much more than just designing the website. We worked very closely together with Tutors and we did a complete makeover from what they previously had.


After many meetings together with Tutors we managed to finish the website design for them. We handed the design over to the team that did the coding and also worked closely with them to ensure a good final result.

Challenges in this project.

This was our first webdesign project and we've learned a lot. Initial challenges included defining what the project would include, who would be responsible for what part and estimating a schedule and amount of work.

  • Designed a website
  • Written all the texts and words on the site
  • Kept close contact with Tutors and also the team that did the coding
  • Learned more than we could have ever have imagined

Both OneTake Productions and Tutors Oy have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.