Stadga XXIII

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Stadga r.f.

Dress up, it's showtime.

This project was also one of the early ones in the journey of OneTake Porductions. We are not going to lie, we were very nervous about this event since this was our time to show everyone our skills and the photos that we were going to be taking would be shown to a lot of people. This was an excellent time for us to market ourselves. Stadga contacted us and asked us to come take pictures of their annual celebrations. Stadga is subject association at Åbo Akademi (Finnish university).


We took photos of the dinner and the program that happened on the same night, the next day we also were told to come take pictures of their so called "sillis" which is this kind of after after party the next day. Over the time of these two days we took approximately 1000 photos and after editing we delivered the very best 200 photos. This project actually landed us many more annual parties from different subject associations across Finland.

Challenges in this project.

The editing process was by far the most challenging thing. First of all, we were not sure what kind of mood they wanted in the pictures so we took a long time before we found the right settings before we were happy with the pictures. We also had some difficulties with photos that were taken with a f4 lens that had a lot of noise in them, which took a long time to get rid of.

  • Photographed both the dinner and the party next day
  • Landed ourselves multiple more similar gigs
  • Had the chance to meet many new people

Both OneTake Productions Stadga have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.