Svenska Klubben Åbo

One of our many projects. We have chosen a few of our projects to showcase on this website. Our members are also doing personal projects and those can be found on our social media accounts.




One hour presentation

COVID was disturbing many peoples jobs among other things. Svenska klubben, which is a gathering for people, where they present different things. There were only allowed to be 10 people in the same room, which complicated their work. Svenska Klubben contacted us and asked, if we can provide a video which will reach them who were absent.


We filmed from two different angles to make a more interesting video. One view on the presenter and one view on the audience. The presentation was about 1 hour long.


Our cameras can only record for 25 minutes until they stop recording. We had to make sure that we were ready to press "record" when that happened.

What we have done

  • Made new contacts
  • Filmed and edited