Independence day celebration

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Short Film




Pargas City Culture Unit

Fighting against time.

We were really thrilled about us creating our very first short film that was going to be shown at an independence event here in our hometown Pargas City. In this project we were given the freedom to produce a short film of our liking, our only criteria was that it had to be about Finland and something related to our independence. After many hours of thinking about what the story was going to tell we decided to make a short film about the finnish legend Johan Ludvig Runeberg. In addition to this short film, we also created some graphics for a couple of bands that were going to be performing at this event as well.


We wrote the script and rented the location that we decided to shoot in. We also managed to hire actors for this shoot and we had a budget for props, which we aquired from thriftshops. After filming for 2 days we headed to the computer and started editing the short film. We divided the work into two sections. Lucas and Robin took care of editing the short Film while Jaakko created the graphics for the bands.

Challenges in this project.

By far the most difficult challenge in this project was the time. We had to produce an entire short film in just a couple of days, this led to us not sleeping one minute the night before the event. We stayed up all night editing the short film, but we eventually got ready and delivered the film to our client.

  • Produced the script for the short film
  • Filmed and edited the short film
  • Created graphics to music bands
  • Had one of our work shown at a big event

Both OneTake Productions and Pargas City Culture Unit have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.