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Introduction video to Neomeet


Housing Companies


Neomeet Oy

A tool that will revolutionize meetings.

Have you ever though about how much effort there goes in to hosting and participating in a housing company meeting? Neomeet created a tool for this that allows for clutter-free meetings through the centralization of functions like notes, tables and voting.


The first thing to do was to agree on what style of video that we wanted. We created 3 different scripts that Neomeet could choose from, each script a little bit different from the other. After agreeing on a script we started creating the video, this involved: animations in Adobe After Effects, buying the voiceover needed, filming desktop like clips and then editing the whole thing together.

Challenges in this project.

Time management was something we could have done a little bit better, we felt like some parts took a little bit too long to do and we would have wanted to quicker get certain things done. Now we have the experience from this kind of project and we are therefore able to more properly estimate a project like this in the future.

  • Scripted the video
  • Created animations for the video
  • Bought and created voiceovers for the video
  • Filmed clips and edited the video.

Both OneTake Productions and Neomeet Oy have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.