Matmalmen Eva

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Bed and Breakfast


Matmalmen Eva

A complete makeover.

This project we did with a local business of ours here in our hometown Pargas. We got wind of the fact that a local restaurants owner needed a new website, so we reached out to her. This was going to be our first website project but we were confident, since a big part of it was taking pictures and videos of the place, that were later to be integrated into the site. Matmalmen is a bed and breakfast, this meaning that we not only got to shoot the restaurant of hers but also the apartment and rooms she rents.


We collected the materials needed for the website, photos and videos mainly. We then designed and launched the website.

Challenges in this project

The biggest challenge by far was to learn how to build websites in Webflow. We had little to no experience in building a website this way. We did not want to let this stop us so we headed for YouTube and after many hours of learning we finally had acquired the knowledge needed to build the website.

  • Taken photos and filmed videos for the website
  • Created the website in Webflow
  • Kept close contact with Matmalmen Eva and made changes afterwards to the website.

Both OneTake Productions and Matmalmen Eva have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.