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One of our many projects. We have chosen a few of our projects to showcase on this website. Our members are also doing personal projects and those can be found on our social media accounts.


Marketing video


Real Estate


Pargas City

First official job.

We have just gotten confirmation on our first job proposal and the adrenaline levels of each OneTake member were through the roof. Thanks to the great services and help from a good contact of ours we managed to get this job. Pargas City wanted to hire us to produce a marketing video about real estate properties meant for companies. This was also the first job we worked on as a team and to be honest it went really well.


We wrote and planned the script and shots for the video, after which we filmed and edited the video and later on delivered the final product to our client. In this project we needed actors so we asked around and we managed to get 2 actors to act in our short video. We spent a lot of time also in the post production process, working on the animations for the start of the video and also the 3D drawings that appear in the video. This project was only the beginning of OneTake as we after this one got many more projects and got to work as a team many times again.

Challenges in this project

We noticed that some of our ideas in the script were not able to do once we actually filmed. We were not happy with how some of the shots turned out so we had to improvise, but nevertheless we were happy with the final product after some degree of improvisation.

  • Planned and written the script for the video
  • Filmed and edited the video
  • Started our journey as OneTake Productions

Both OneTake Productions and Pargas City have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.