Restaurant Konnichiwa

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Restaurant Konnichiwa

More sushi than anyone can eat.

AntonMedia contacted us and told us that they needed a media production team to produce media materials for the sushi restaurant Konnichiwa. We of course agreed to do it and started planning the content. This was a rather large project since it took 6 months and we were expected to produce the materials needed for each month. To this date we have visited and produced the materials for 2 months, this meaning that we have 4 more months in this project. We mainly shoot the sushi itself but we also produce these more "creative" posts, for example a halloween poster we made for them.


We shoot and edit the materials for each month in this project. We also create more creative posts that can be everything from posters to abstract designs that involve sushi. So far the work has proceeded good and we are happy with what we have produced so far. In this project very much focus lies on the sushi photos, so we have to carefully plan the layout, lighting and esthetics of the set for each shoot. We have along the project acquired a lot of new knowledge in lighting and shooting food/products.

Challenges in this project

Each time we shoot we are doing it in the restaurant itself, this meaning that we have to be efficient and not take to long so that the customers are not affected by us working there. We experience quite much stress when we shoot at the restaurant but sometimes stress can be a good thing and so it has been for us in this project.

  • Taken photos for each month
  • Created creative posts for each month
  • Made new contacts in Helsinki, were the restaurant are located.

Both OneTake Productions and The Restaurant Konnichiwa have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.