KDC dance studio

One of our many projects. We have chosen a few of our projects to showcase on this website. Our members are also doing personal projects and those can be found on our social media accounts.


Marketing videos




KDC Dance Studio

Our dance moves were not the best.

In this project we had given the task to create 2 marketing videos for KDC dance studio. Little did we know, KDC had a guest that was going to teach the dance classes. Our mission was to film these classes and create short highlight videos of the classes. The guest was no other than the famous dancer and actor Robert Hoffman. We even got to chat with him and got along pretty well. In addition to this project, we have also produced a minor intro for one of KDC:s shows.


We shot and edited two 1 minute videos that were later on posted on KDC dance studios social media channels. In addition to these two videos, we also took some pictures and made an extra video, a video in which Robert Hoffman was giving a motivational speech. The shoot went well and we were happy with the results and so was the client.

Challenges in this project

This project was one of the first projects in which we uses our newly acquired gimbal. We had a hard time in the beginning to learn the movements and to get good looking footage. This could have easily been prevented by us learning beforehand how to operate the gimbal, other than this there were no problems.

  • created 2 videos for their social medias
  • Taken photos of the sessions and also Robert Hoffman
  • Edited and delivered the media
  • Made a good connection with KDC dance studio.

Both OneTake Productions and KDC Dance Studio have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.