JS16 Junior

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Jaakko Salovaara

To our surprise.

Setting up this shoot had been a bit hectic. Not from a logistic point of view, but from a communication point of view. We had gotten a call of someone wanting photos for their sons music career. We thought this was just a very supportive dad wanting to sponsor his sons hobby, but it was only when we pulled up to his front gate that we realized we were going to be shooting JS16 AKA Jaakko Salovaaras son. We spent the day at their beautiful home were we got to meet the entire Salovaara family. We took portraits of Aaron but we ended up with much more than just portraits, we also created a poster, some cool effects with certain pictures and we also did a parallax effect photo for him. JS16 is most famous for his work with the hip hop group Bomfunk MC´s, producing their most successful song "Freestyler".


We spent the day at the Salovaara villa, shooting Aaron Salovaara. We took pictures of him in various sets. We were creative with the photos but we also took original portraits. In post production we also wanted to do a bit more so we created some extra work for Aaron, as an example: the black poster.

Challenges in this project.

The original idea of the project was to take traditional photos of Aaron in different setting, that we did not have any problems with. However when we decided to do some extra work, we stumbled across some challenges with the effects we wanted to create.

  • Take photos of Aaron
  • Edited and delivered the material
  • Created extra materials for him
  • Made new contacts.

Both OneTake Productions and Aaron Salovaara have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.