Ex Tempore r.f.

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Ex Tempore r.f.

Dress up, it's showtime Vol 2.

After delivering the photos to Stadga we soon after started getting messages from other subject associations across Finland. Ex Tempore r.f. asked us to come and shoot their annual party which took place in a place in the middle of Turku, and of course we wanted to come shoot the event.


We took the photos of the event and edited them soon after. This time there was no after party so we only had to shoot the main dinner/happening. We felt like we knew a little bit more what to shoot and how to act since this was our second time shooting an event like this one.

Challenges in this project.

We did not have any challenges in this project, we learned from the Stadga project.

  • Taken photos and edited them
  • Gotten to improve our portfolio once again

Both OneTake Productions and Ex Tempore r.f. have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.