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Showing the beauty of Finland to the world.

Cheetavel is a YouTube channel that lets the viewer visit certain attractions around the world. Cheetavel hires locals to produce videos about attractions in their area. We have now at this date made three videos for Cheetavel, one about the finnish archipelago in general, one about the castle of Turku and one about the national park Kurjenrahka. We have very much enjoyed working on these videos, one of the things we like about these videos is that we get to play the narrator for each video, meaning that we are not only the ones behind the camera but we are also acting in front of the camera.


We have written and planned the script to each video. We have filmed and edited the videos. These videos have taught us many things about being in front of the camera and things we can teach to others when working on projects. In connection with every project, we have also gotten to experience the attraction itself. For instance: we hiked a 7 kilometer route when filming the video about Kurjenrahka nationalpark.

Challenges in these projects

Cheetavel is a great customer to us and gives us great freedom when it comes to what the videos are about. We have noticed that this freedom has created some challenges for OneTake. Each team member of OneTake has a strong visions of what they would like the video to look like, meaning that we sometimes find ourselfs arguing about what to shoot instead of actually shooting. Usually we can solve the problem and produce something that everyone is happy with.

  • Scripted each video
  • Filmed each video
  • Edited and delivered the videos
  • Got to experience some awesome attractions

Both OneTake Productions and Cheetavel have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.