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Marketing material





OneTake did not miss it.

We got in contact with Partel and they asked us to collect some media material for them. Our mission was to take pictures, film and then deliver the raw material to them. Our task was to show the event in an appealing way. The event had a dedicated gaming section where a CS:GO tournament took place. There were also stations like VR, Robots, 3D printing and much more that we had to capture. The event lasted for an entire day and not only we got to shoot some cool stuff but we also had the chance to experience the event like every other visitor.


OneTake took care of filming, shooting photos, interviewing people and delivering the raw media material to the client. We felt like we had succeeded in capturing the most important parts and happenings of the event and hopefully Partel has a lot of media material for the marketing of incoming events.

Challenges in this project

Setting up the interviews and shooting them. To this point we had not really done interviews before, but we felt like we did not want that to stop us from shooting the interviews that Partel needed. After some experimenting with the audio and lighting we managed to shoot the interviews and we were happy with the results.

  • Filmed short clips of the events
  • Taken photos of the event
  • Delivered the raw material to the client
  • Made new connections

Both OneTake Productions and Partel have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.