Bossa Jazz Festival

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Bossa Jazz Festival

Introducing Pargas City to Jazz.

We were honored to be a part of the Bossa Jazz festival that took place in Pargas City. A similar Jazz event had in the history of Pargas never been done. Our mission was to create the official poster for the festival, a poster that was to be put on various places across town before the festival.


We planned and drew the first version of the poster after which we finalized it in adobe illustrator. The poster was meant to have a touch of the archipelago which we managed to include in the design. We created two versions of the poster and also a landscape poster to be printed in a much larger scale.

Challenges in this project

Can you believe it? We did not find anything to be particularly difficult to do in this project. Projects like these are rare.

  • Designed and produced a poster
  • Been a part of the first Jazz Festival in the city of Pargas

Both OneTake Productions and Bossa Jazz Festival have the rights to publish and use the material created in this project.