Photography - OneTake Productions Oy
Party hat on, restrictions are gone
A much awaited event, which really delivered. Lots of people, good atmosphere and lots of happy feelings in the air
The Event
Pikkulaskiainen is an event where student associations compete against each other by building snow sleds and driving them down a hill. In the evening, after-parties with performers await
April 2022
Our media team for the event consisted of 3 photographers. Virtually every bar and restaurant in the Turku area participated in the event, so there was never a question of running out of places to photograph.

Thanks to the pandemic situation, Pikkulaskiainen was delayed  2 years in a row. Originally we had been in contact with the organisers for the 2019 event. A successful job from the point of view of the customer and ourselves. We managed to match the photos to the brand image of Pikkulaskiainen and we also collected good portfolio material