Content producer
Working as a producer
After Joona and Roope rebranded to KOUKUS in early 2021, they wanted to expand their team. Originally they were only looking for an editor
but I knew I could contribute more than that, so I integrated myself into the planning, filming and producing of their videos. They later said that
they had no idea they needed someone like me, but wouldn't be able to go back anymore.
It's nice to have a third opinion and person to bounce ideas off of and take care of the technical side, so you can focus on whats
most important to you, the entertainment.
Together with Joona and Roope we have produced a series of gameshow videos with some of Finlands most prominent public figures.

We've also filmed everything from documentary- style roadtrips to commercial videos for brands like Jaffa and Elisa. The recources we have are great for creative freedom and I am exited to see that brands are starting to really trust our vision and production.
Producer - Jaakko
Since 2021