Jussi Gaala

Photography - Jaakko Meyn
Fortunate contacts
I was watching a movie when my friend and colleague called me. "Hey! Do you want to work with Jussi Gaala?". Jussi Gaala, the Finnish equivalent of the Oscars.

Of course I said yes.
The project
Joona and Roope were responsible for the social media management of Jussi Gaala. I was to work together with them to capture and deliver photos of the gala, which Roope would update on Jussi Gaalas social media feeds in real time.
Jussi Gaala
Sep 2021
We made a gameplan and co-ordinated a shot list beforehand. My role was to make sure to capture emotional and active shots from the red carpet. These were to contrast with the posed and composed shots of the press.

There was a clear workflow for the announcing of the winners. Take a photo, edit the photo and post the photo before the next winner shows up. The problem was that I was the only one responsible for the whole process so it ended up being mostly me running back and forth between my laptop and the big Jussi- statue. The pictures however turned out great.