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Robin Engblom
Since the beginning of my life I've been creative and I've always wanted to use my creativeness for the greater good. OneTake Productions gave me a chance to fulfill my early dreams and to learn more about what I love. This year I'm graduating and I will move on to direct movies in the future.
Jaakko Meyn
I am the head of design, but have also worked my entire life with creative photography, videography and story- telling. 
I am organized, focused and creative. But most of all; I love what I do.
Lucas Ekblad
I work a lot with our branding, I handle our economics and also work on the projects that we have. I am a person who like to have everything under control. My schedule is usually full of things to do, I guess you could call me an active person

We have all the answes

Questions we have been asked

What cameras does OneTake Productions Oy use?

We are true lovers of the Sony Alpha line. Our current setup is 2x Sony a7III and we also have a Sony a7rIII. We often use multiple cameras for each shoots as one camera may capture somethin the second or third did not. We also rent cameras for bigger projects.

What recording settings are available to shoot in?

Our cameras give us the possibility to shoot in the following settings:
- 1080 Full HD in 120, 100, 60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps
- 4k in 30, 25, 24 fps
Our Drone can shoot in addition to the above, 4k in 60 fps and Full HD in 240 fps

What skillset does OneTake have?

OneTake consists of 3 young, ambitious digital creators. Each member in OneTake has his own set of skills and the 3 of us combined give us the chance to take on even bigger, more demanding projects. We can also work in 4 languages: Swedish, Finnish, English and German.

How do you best contact OneTake Productions?

You can call us, send us an email or even nock on our doorstep to tell us something (don´t do the last mentioned thing). For the best chance of reaching us please contact us during the hours of 9:00am to 16:00 pm.

The ultimate inspiration is the deadline.

- Nolan Bushnell

Nothing makes us happier than completing a job smoothly and getting great feedback on it

We enjoy working in different branches and meeting new people

We take every opportunity when it comes to work and choosing our projects. We believe that we can visualize what most of our competitors can´t. Our age works in our favor as more and more companies have started to appreciate the things we see and what we value. Our goal is to continue developing our skills and take on even bigger projects. We believe that only the future knows where OneTake is in 10 years.

Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it -Lou Holtz. We often find us in situations that require a skill that we don´t have, we may argue that this is not something we can do but eventually we decide that we can learn to solve the problem.

We work to make it real!

OneTake Motivations

Love for creating

What all 3 of us have in common is the love for creating something. This means photography, videography or anything else in the world of media. Even though we have our own fields of expertise, we often explore other ways and branches of creating content.

Learning & Experiencing

We take great pride in learning something new, that being a simple animation in Adobe Premiere Pro or an entire Blender 3D effect. We now that by us learning something new, we are able to do even more things in future projects.

Importance of our work

We love to hear that the work we have done for example a company, has given them something useful. We live in an age in which digital content plays a vital role. We as media creators want to be a part of creating new, engaging content.

Our journey

Most of the times we do not even realize how far we have gotten as a team. We all 3 started on our own paths before we decided to establish OneTake Productions Oy. We not only learn from the projects we work on, we also learn from each other.


Even though editing videos is fun, getting out of our comfort zone is also something we love about our work. We get to see and meet new people on a daily basis. There are often many people involved in our projects and we truly enjoy working with others.

Critique and feedback

Good or bad, we want to hear every comment regarding our work. Who wouldn´t enjoy hearing that you have done a good job, but the constructive criticism is also important